A Mother’s Day Wedding

Two stories in one: a book by real-life mother and daughter Rebecca Winters & Dominique Burton.

Two Women, Two Weddings

A Mother’s Secret

Andrea Danbury buried an important part of her past a long time ago, and now the truth has surfaced.  Because of this, she may lose her daughter—her only family.  But Max de Roussillac, a man who knows how to get things done, won’t let that happen to the woman he’s loved for all these years….

A Daughter’s Discovery

When Samantha Danbury accidently finds out she has relatives in Alaska, she wastes no time tracking them down.  But it’s take-charge chief ranger Jake Powel who makes her yearn for a reconciliation with her mother.  And a family of her very own….

Two special Mother’s Day novellas written by a real-life mother and daughter.

From Harlequin American Romance


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7 Responses to A Mother’s Day Wedding

  1. Heather Kellgreen McGrath says:

    can’t wait to read this!!

  2. dominique says:

    You are so sweet. Thanks

  3. Monde says:

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