The Honor and Privilege it Has Been to Work With My Mother

Dear Reader,

Words can’t express the honor and privilege it has been to work with my mother on this project we’ve called A Mother’s Wedding Day.

As a child I grew up hearing the tapping of the typewriter as a new book was being written. My mom is my hero and my best friend. Since I can remember, I’ve loved reading, plotting and brainstorming ideas with her. Little did I know that the day would come when I’d be given the opportunity to have my first book come out simultaneously with one of hers. She’s truly the most amazing mother in the world, one who has believed in me all my life, who has taught me that my dreams are only as big as my imagination.

This book has been nothing but a joy to write. Andrea and Sammi, the mother and daughter in our stories, have had great love for each other but there has also been pain and betrayal. It was a fascinating process to write how they find their way back to each other, and in the process meet and fall in love with the men of their dreams. I hope you love these books as much as we do.

Dominique Burton

P.S. The only thing I can add as Dom’s mother is to say that it’s been my joy to raise a wonderful, talented daughter I love to pieces. I used to tell her she had an editor’s eye and never led me wrong. She has always lived her adventures. Now she’s writing them and I marvel. We’re both very grateful to our editors for making this special Mother’s Day project possible.


Rebecca Winters

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  1. mek Asiah Hamzah says:

    Hi Dominique, I a huge fan of your mother’s books and I even wrote to her and she charmingly replied to my mails..She mentioned about you and in a funny sort of ways, I kind of know you…Your mother is amazing and I”m sure you are nothing less than her, but don’t get pressured or weighed down by having a talented mother..just be yourself..congratulation on your new book and hopefully I can get hold of it…tell your mother Mek says hai and love her latest book ‘Cinderella at his doorstep’

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