The Firefighter’s Cinderella on Google Books

Find The Firefighter’s Cinderella on Google Books

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  1. Kunal says:

    I figured she read the first copule of chapters and then the ending chapter of each book and cribbed her review from that. I based that on the errors I would find in her reviews of the books I had also read.I don’t think Amazon would ever remove her stuff since they praised her so highly for years and celebrated here “reviewing” prowess.

  2. im not sure donald has this fact. lt. col. lakin an honorable man with 18 years of u. s. army service as a doctor and flight surgeon is serving 6 mos. in ft. leavenworth prison for asking obama to provide a birth certificate to prove he was following lawful orders to deploy to afghanistan. we all need to communicate this important fact to trump. thanks all.

  3. Na, így már világos a dolog. A colors-fresh.css-t ne bántsd mivel kihatással lenne más dolgokra is.Így használd a color beállítást:1color: #000000 !important;Az !important itt a lényeg, ez dönti el, hogy egy ugyanolyan “jelölÅ‘” használatakor melyiket alkalmazza a böngészÅ‘. Magyarul azt jelenti fontos, jelentÅ‘s. Tehát, mivel a másik css-nél használva van az !important az lesz a “fontosabb”.Remélem érthetÅ‘en fogalmaztam. Így már tuti jó lesz. 🙂

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