Books by Author Dominique Burton

The Alaskan Rescue

Sahsi Hansen came to Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, to work herself closer to her dream: hew own ballet studio. Instead, a wild bear has landed her in a nightmare. Her leg is broken, and she may never dance again. Her heart is broken with the loss of her best friend. And her mind…well, she’s confused. Her savior, Dr. Cole Stevens, is sending mixed signals. She’s never received  such loving care – but it seems the healer needs healing too, from his own private pain and loss.

Sashi’s ready and willing, but can’t get close. With everything that Alaska throws at him, why can’t this courageous doctor handle his own heart?

The Firefighter’s Cinderella

The first time C.J.Powell rescues her, Natasha Bennington is running a marathon honoring the memory of their friend. Now her work fighting for humanitarian rights once  is again putting her at risk. And the rugged San Francisco firefighter has crowned himself her designated hero!        

Catching the stunning brunette when she collapses at the finish line isn’t the way C.J. imagined meeting Tasha again. A year ago, she’d been hopelessly in love with his best friend. Now the fiercely dedicated pro bono attorney needs his protection—especially after a deadly threat forces Tasha to flee to C.J.’s hometown.

There are worse things than hiding out in the breathtaking wilds of Alaska with the woman he adores. Now C.J. has a more urgent mission—keeping Tasha safe until the danger’s past and she’s ready to move on…with him.

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From Harlequin American Romance

ISBN:9780373753802 (#1376)

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Two stories in one: a book by real-life mother and daughter Rebecca Winters & Dominique Burton.

Two Women, Two Weddings

A Mother’s Secret

Andrea Danbury buried an important part of her past a long time ago, and now the truth has surfaced. Because of this, she may lose her daughter—her only family. But Max de Roussillac, a man who knows how to get things done, won’t let that happen to the woman he’s loved for all these years….     

A Daughter’s Discovery  

When Samantha Danbury accidently finds out she has relatives in Alaska, she wastes no time tracking them down. But it’s take-charge chief ranger Jake Powel who makes her yearn for a reconciliation with her mother. And a family of her very own….

Two special Mother’s Day novellas written by a real-life mother and daughter.

From Harlequin American Romance


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3 Responses to Books by Author Dominique Burton

  1. Janet Smedley says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on your new book. That is wonderful! Lori sent me a link to your website. Since you have been such a good friend to both Amy and Lori, I just wanted to congratulate you and to say “Hi”and wish you all the best.

    Love always,
    Janet Smedley

  2. Jean Kingrey says:

    Hi! Dominique, I have been a fan of your Mother’s for a number of year and have enjoyed reading all of her books. I can see that I am also going to be a fan of yours and will look forward to your upcoming books. I just finished reading A MOTHER’S WEDDING DAY and loved both stories. It was another book that I couldn’t put down until finished. Tell your Mom I said Hi! and will get a note off to her soon. She may not remember me but I love her books and am looking forward to all her upcoming books. HUGS, Jean

  3. Janet maxim says:

    It seems that what Jean says is my sentiments exactly! I also read A Mother’s Wedding Day and A Daughter’s Discovery and just finished The Firefighter’s Cinderella. You obviuosly have inherited your Mother’s TALENT!! Can’t wait for your next book. Happy writing! Janet Maxim, Concord, Nc.

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