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To receive an autographed book plate from Dominique.  Send a S.A.S.E. to:
3165 East Millrock Drive, Suite 160

Salt Lake City, Utah 84121

2 Responses to Contact

  1. Mom says:

    I’m so glad I’m the first person to sign in on your lovely new website.

    Watching you go through the process of writing and getting published has thrilled me to death. You’ve got one of the world’s greatest editors so you couldn’t be in better hands.

    Will never forget the day you and I had lunch with Paula at the Grand America where we talked stories for hours. Who dreamed it would result in my signing in on your good news.

    Your proud mother

  2. sandy says:

    Hi Dominique
    I have tried writing to you and it wont let me write you personally. I have finished reading your book called The Alaskan Rescue and wow it was excellent, it touched me so much, I lost my son in 2007 and still dealing with his death, still hurting, but the book made me think about my life, it was so touching, I would love to talk to you more about this if you have the time? Hope to hear from you soon.

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